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About Sandy Toes Beach Camp

Perchie, Shane and Indiana Bones (Cullen fam) purchased our humble beach lot in 2019 with the hopes of creating a space that offered you a blend of all of our own best experiences from our travels at an affordable cost. We have traveled to 20+ countries and lived on three continents, always hoping to soak up as much local culture as possible while enjoying the wonders of the outdoors in each unique place. Our mission was to create a space that would be not only our home away from home, but yours as well. Perchie and Shane are currently living abroad as teachers, but we have left you in the loving hands of our mother, Mama Marilou, and our fun-loving furbaby, Indiana Bones. We hope that you enjoy your experience at our rustic, family-run resort, whether you're looking for a spot to relax and enjoy the beach or a base camp for your own outdoor adventures in the wonderfully wild province of Zambales.

Perchie chillin' in the hammock of our chill hut.


Free guest car parking

Free internet

24-hour reception 

Self-service kitchen

Beachfront chill huts

Shared restrooms with bidet

Outdoor showers (with privacy)

Open-air dining 

Communal gathering area

Beach with spectacular sunsets

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