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Botolan Area Hikes

Mount Pinatubo

Mt. pinatubo.jpeg

Photo credit: Adventure in You

Since its eruption in 1991, Mt. Pinatubo has become a popular destination for hikers. You can arrange a guided trip through Camp Kainomayan to complete in a day. See Adventure in You Blog for more info.

Mount Pundaquit


Photo credit: Anna Life

Beginning in San Antonio, this is a nice traverse over Mount Pundaquit, ending at Anawangin Cove, and can be combined with an island-hopping trip to Camara & Capones Island. Check out Pinoy Mountaineer for more details.

Mount Tapulao

tapulao 2.jpeg

Photo credit: ZenRooms

Mt. Tapulao is the highest peak in Zambales and Central Luzon. This is an arduous two-day trek. For more information on making this your adventure, check out Zen Rooms Blog

Tukal Tukal Falls

tukal tukal_edited.jpg

Photo credit: Lakwatserongrex

Tukal Tukal Fall is a fun adventure that is quite close and can be easily done in a day. Contact Camp Kainomayan for a guide and visit Lakwatserongrex's Blog for more details. 

Yangil Village

yangil village.jpeg

Photo credit: The Queen's Escape

This is a nice opportunity to explore sustainable tourism by helping a local village with your economic support and learning about their culture in the process. See The Queen's Escape for more details.

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