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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we allow pets?

Yes, we are a pet-friendly resort, if your pet is well behaved. We ask that you mind the waste of your pet without delay and be respectful of other guests by keeping your fur babies away from their food and encourage them to refrain from excessive barking, especially early and late in the day. 


What are the inclusions?

For overnight guests, you have access to the entire resort. This includes your kubo, the beach cottages, the beach, high-speed internet, the garden grounds, the beach showers, parking, filtered drinking water, dining area, common camp kitchen (including all of the utensils and appliances), camp chairs and table for each kubo, and the common CRs and showers. The only thing not included is the videoke.


Do we allow day tours?

Yes, but only when we have no other guests, as we are a small resort and do not want to take away from the experience of our overnight guests. This usually means that weekdays are the most likely opportunity. The hours for day tours are 10 am to 5 pm and are 350 php/pax. If you want to use a beach cottage, that is 1500 php, minus the day tour fees for your party. 


Can we bring our own food and drink?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your own food and drinks and utilize the common camp kitchen to complete your beach camping experience. There are no corkage fees for doing this, as we do NOT have a resto on-site, and there are no restos within walking distance. However, if you do not want to cook, there are a few options within a short drive and even fewer options for delivery. You can stop by the palenke in Botolan on your way to stock up on supplies.


Do you have a resto?

I’m sorry, but we do not have a resto, nor are there any restos within walking distance. There are a few options within a 10-15 drive from our place and even fewer options for delivery. We encourage you to bring what you need. With that said, Mama Marilou does have a small sari-sari store on-site to supply with you some of the toiletries, basic food items, charcoal, and drinks that you may have forgotten.


Do you allow walk-ins?

Yes, but we discourage it as we are often fully booked on the weekends. We understand that some want to wait to see if the weather is good, but unfortunately, this may mean that we will not have any vacancies. Walk-ins are most successful during weekdays in the off-seasons.

Do you have private CRs?

No, we only have common CRs to contribute to the beach camp environment. They will provide you with everything you need: toilets with bidet, showers, sinks, and, of course, a mirror to make sure you look amazing for those beach selfies :-). 


What do we need to bring?

You should bring a towel, reusable water bottle, toiletries (please avoid sachets due to their environmental impact), food, drink, possibly charcoal if grilling, games, possibly an umbrella, and, of course, a smile. We will provide you with the rest. 


How do we make a booking?

The easiest way to make a booking is on our site, using the “Book Now” button. However, if you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to message us on FB Messenger on our Facebook page which is accessible at the bottom of each page. We are happy to help you. 


Do you accept GCash?

I’m sorry, but we do not accept GCash. When Globe is able to provide effective cell coverage to populated areas, including ours, we may consider exploring their ability to manage banking. Until then, we simply don’t trust this system. In addition, my wife and I are teachers in Vietnam and can only come back to the Philippines a couple of times a year. As you can imagine, Globe coverage in Saigon is not that good. Rather, we prefer bank transfers using the information provided in your confirmation email. Bank transfers are just as easy as GCash, as they can be done through your banking app or at any terminal in any convenience store or your own bank's ATM. We find this much more secure and reliable. Thank you for understanding. 


What payments are acceptable?

We only accept bank transfers and ask they are done within 3 days of receiving your email reservation. This ensures that you do not have to carry extra cash, nor do we have to store it. If you make a booking in less than 3 days of your stay, we can allow a cash payment on-site upon check-in or a bank transfer. Details on the bank transfer will be provided in your email reservation. 


Why do you require full payment for the reservation?

I understand this may be inconvenient, and we wish that we did not have to do this. Unfortunately, when we have not required this, we have had a large number of people that make a booking, do not show, and do not offer the courtesy of messaging to cancel their reservation. As you can imagine, this has a negative impact on our new business (especially after the hardships covid presented) and has a negative impact on others that were turned away because we were trying to honor a reservation. Because of this, we now require full payment within 3 days of making your booking. We hope that you understand. 

Do you have videoke?

Yes, but this is not included in your kubo rates. The videoke is run separately, by my Papa, and he charges 1000 php for the entire day. Shorter durations are available, just speak with Papa when you arrive. Please be sure to honor the quiet hours in our area, which are between 10 pm and 6 am. 


Are there any hidden charges?

Absolutely not!!! We have heard that some resorts charge guests an entrance fee, even though they have an overnight room. We’ve heard that others charge separately for electricity and the use of propane fuel. Some even charge you for water. We are travelers as well, and we find these very annoying when we travel, so we do NOT want to impose that upon you. We try to charge a fair rate for your room and then everything else (except videoke) is included in that rate. With that said, prices on our website do not include the 12% VAT for the BIR, but that is noted there and should be expected when booking any accommodation anywhere.


What are the travel requirements?

As of July 2022, you no longer need to register with VISITA or S-Pass. There are no longer any checkpoints. However, the LGU does require that you are fully vaccinated.

How do we commute to get to Sandy Toes?

Victory Liner is the primary bus company coming to Botolan. If coming from the Manila area, you can take the Victory Liner bus from Cubao or Pasay. There are more routes coming from Cubao. The fastest route is to take the Cubao to Iba, via SCTEX route. It is about 4-1/2 hours. You can even book it at their site online for just under 600 php. You can also take the route to Santa Cruz. In either case, tell the conductor to drop you off at Angora in Botolan. This is where the palengke is to stock up on supplies. Then take a trike, the toda stand is there also, to our resort for just under 100 php.   

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