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Camp Rules

The golden camp rule is Leave No Trace: take only memories (photos), leave only footprints. However, to make this more clear, please see our camp rules below: 


  1. All parties must pay a cleaning deposit upon check-in with cash only. If you are renting the entire resort, the deposit will be 500 php. If you are renting a single kubo, the deposit will be 100 php. This is to incentivize all campers to follow the “leave no trace” policy and promote responsible camping. It also keeps the camp beautiful, minimizes pests and keeps your rental costs down. The expectation is that all campers will receive their full deposit upon check-out, unless you would rather us hire a cleaner to look after your needs. To ensure you get your full refund, please guarantee your party:

    1. Properly disposes of cigarette butts and bottle caps,

    2. Washes all camp dishes you use in a timely manner,

    3. Cleans any messes you make on the stoves, refrigerator, grills or other appliances,

    4. Properly dispose of all sachets and plastic from the showers and CR, and

    5. Do not leave food out, while also properly disposing of food waste. 

  2. Observe quiet hours between 10pm and 6am.

  3. Please keep an eye on children at all times, especially on the beach. We do NOT have a permanent life guard on duty. 

  4. Unless renting the entire resort, please keep your belongings in your kubo area and do NOT leave them in the common areas. 

  5. Secure all valuables in your car or kubo. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  6. Do NOT take anything from the resort that you did not bring with you. This includes, but is not limited to, soaps, sanitizers, pillows, blankets, cooking utensils, cups, appliances or chairs. None of these are included in your rental fee.  

  7. Keep your camp area tidy to avoid attracting unwanted pests (ants, flies, cats or aspin).

  8. Please inform us if something is broken, whether you did it or not. We understand that wear and tear occurs, especially in our climate, and that accidents happen. Please let us know so that we can attend to it to ensure your safety and enjoyable experience.

  9. We only have five beach cottages, so please share with other guests, possibly making new friends in the process. 

  10. If you have pets (they are welcome) please mind their waste in a timely manner and be mindful of other guests if your fur baby is barking very early or late in the day. 

  11. We do have some beach and camp toys/activities/games for you to borrow (cornhole, petanque, ball toss, beach balls, floaties, frisbees, etc…). Please ask Mama to check these out and return them at no cost in a timely manner to ensure others can use them as well.

  12. Please turn the lights, fan and aircon off EVERY time you leave the kubo to conserve energy, keep your costs down and help us keep this tourist activity sustainable. 

  13. All appliances, such as the grills, refrigerator, rice cookers, etc... are shared. Please use them, clean them and return in a timely manner for others to use. This may require making enough rice for a meal, or even for a day and storing it in another container. 

  14. If you have questions or concerns during your stay, please speak with Mama. Please remember, she is our mama, so we appreciate it if you treat her just like you treat your mama. If you have questions or concerns before/after your stay, please contact Shane at: or message us on FB messenger. 


We not only hope that you have an enjoyable experience at our Beach Camp, but we also hope that all other current and future guests enjoy their experiences as well. Please help us to make that happen. 

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