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Our Sustainability Story

Sustainability Mission

As educators of the next generation, it was important for us to build our resort in a way that offers you a wonderful experience today without negatively impacting the children of tomorrow. We have made and will continue to make, every attempt within our humble means to support our local economy, promote our local culture and minimize our impact on the local environment. Below you can see some of the examples of how your experience will contribute to the ongoing growth of our community. As our business grows, we opened for business in 2021, we have additional plans to support our community and environment that are also included below.

economic sustainability.jpeg

Economic Sustainability

In building our resort, we have chosen to only use labor from the Botolan/Iba area. Additionally, we have sourced as many materials as possible from the province of Zambales, including wood material from the local Aeta tribe. This helps to stimulate the economy of our community, especially during COVID-19. We also make every attempt to promote local businesses to meet your shopping and excursion needs, and as we grow, we are committed to employing our family and/or members of the community only. Lastly, we have begun a profit-sharing program to give up to 10% of our profits to our long-term employees. Not only does this support the economic growth of our community, but it ensures that our employees continue to create the best experience for you that we can because they are more invested in our shared success.

Social Sustainability

At STBC, we strive to promote the local culture as part of your overall experience when visiting Zambales. All of the activities highlighted on this site are run by locals in the community and/or help to better inform you on the local culture. The more that we understand and appreciate these local cultures, the better chances they have to not only survive, but thrive.


As we expand, we also plan to host community movie nights, provide live music from local musicians and host community service events, like BINGO, to bring the community together at little to no cost to them. All of these efforts are designed to create an interconnectedness within our community, so they grow and develop alongside us. 

enviro sust.jpeg

Environmental Sustainability

Photo credit: NOVARTIS

We cannot continue to promote local culture, stimulate the local economy and support you in your adventures without working to minimize our environmental impact. We do this by sourcing as many of our raw materials and daily supplies from our community. This decreases the distance they travel and reduces our carbon footprint. We have also planted at least three trees for every tree we've used and have added a grass lawn to further reduce our carbon footprint. To keep our beach and ocean clean, we organize beach clean-ups when needed. We have also made every attempt to use natural materials to assist in their eventual return to nature. 

As we grow and resources become more available we will supplement our electricity with solar power to reduce our reliance on the carbon energy grid. To help us support this mission, we do encourage you to carpool or take public transportation for your trip, when this becomes a viable option. 

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