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Botolan AreaWatersports

Daway Daway Kayaking


Daway Daway Ecological Park is a short trike ride down the road from us. You can rent kayaks or paddleboats to explore the Bancal River delta and mangroves. Contact Camp Kainomayan for more info. 



Photo credit: Traveling Light

The nearby towns of Liwliwa, San Narciso and San Antonio offer good surfing for beginners and intermediate surfers. For more information, check out Zen Rooms Blog.

Island Hopping Anawangin Cove


Our neighboring town of San Antonio is the jump-off point for an island-hopping adventure to Anawangin & Nagsasa Coves and Camera & Capones Island. Check out The Poor Traveler Blog for more info.

Magalawa Island


Photo credit: Straypusiket

Palauig, just up the road, offers a very relaxing day excursion that could include pictures, swimming, snorkeling or boating through the mangroves. Shoestring Traveler's Blog has some good info. 

Dapya River

dapya river 2.jpeg

Photo credit: Lakad Pilipinas

If you plan to arrive early, stop off just before Cabangan to swim in the cool deep pools and enjoy a nice picnic in the heat of the day. Your 20 php entrance will give you access to shade tents and CR. Find it here. You can read more on the Lakad Pilipinas blog

Potipot Island

potipot is.jpeg

Photo credit: ShoestringTraveler

Farther up the road, in Candelaria, you will find Potipot Island. Here you can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling or just soaking up the great views. Check out A Wonderful Sole Blog for more info. 

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