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At Sandy Toes, we strive to be your favorite base camp AND home camp. Our Kubos are one part of the rustic but upgraded camping experience in a relaxing atmosphere. The FOUR Camping Kubos have a fan with cloth curtains that offers a nice breeze when they're open and shade from the sun when. The THREE Cozy Kubos have aircon, locked doors, extra space, queen bed and a porch. All Kubos come with camp chairs you can take to the beach. Combined with the Kubos, the facilities, beach and garden will complete your beach camping experience. We have four chill huts with curtains on our raised beach where you can take a siesta in the hammock to avoid the midday sun or to relax with friends as the sun goes down. We also offer a complete self-service kitchen with a refrigerator, cleaning sinks, prep stations, stoves, grills and all the utensils you will need. Our comfort rooms are open-air to take advantage of the cool breezes with open-air showers made of kawayan. Whether you're looking for a picturesque place to lay your head after a day of adventure or plan to rest your head all day watching the waves roll in, Sandy Toes is your place to set up camp.

Be Advised: Please bring your own: sundries, towels, food and drink

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